So you want to travel to a faraway location and you want someone to keep you company. You have no clue as to who this person may be. Fret not as there are lots of sites that hook you up with prospective travelers. Here below we highlight and explain these sites for your consideration.


1: MeetUp.com

If you wish to engage in an activity group, this is the site to look up to. It is specifically structured and designed for facilitating activity groups all over the world. By activities, we mean tasks that may be of common interest to a cadre of travelers like photography, cinemas, wine tasting, and sightseeing.

2: TravellersPoint

This is a huge travel sire that has a pretty active travel companion forum. It serves to connect persons who would wish to travel from one area to another one. To do this, it lets the members participate through a mix of photo galleries, blogs, and forums.

3: Lonely Planet

Lonely Planet is primarily a publisher of travel guides. Nonetheless, it also hooks up participants and travels companions via its robust online portal. Many people hail it for its accuracy and clarity in conveying travel tips. Indeed, most adventurers have always relied on it for a start.

4: Travelfish

If you wish to spend a part of your time in South East Asia, this is the resource to set your eyes on. Founded by an Australian couple in 2004, the site covers major points of interest through southeast Asian nations like Laos, Indonesia, Cambodia, Burma, and Vietnam.

5: G Adventures

Are you mainly passionate about matters of adventure? If at all you do, the G Adventures is the sight to behold. It confers a wide selection of 40 small-scale group tours, expeditions, and safaris. Also coming along is the ability to connect and share with many adventure-enthusiasts like you.

6: Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel provides well over 1,000 escorted tours worldwide. Given its huge footprint that spans almost the entire globe, it provides a rare opportunity for travel enthusiasts to meet and travel together. It is a site you would like to look up to if you are constantly on the go. (https://www.dinreisepartner.no/)

7: Hospitality Club

Hospitality Club stands apart from the other sites in that it mainly targets the student community. It seeks to bring together students to share and deepen their knowledge base within the hospitality industry. Because of this, the site is mainly suitable for a student who doubles up as a travel enthusiast. (https://www.dinreisepartner.no/gruppereiser)

8: Couchsurfing

Couchsurfing is one of the oldest continuously operational travel networking sites. It brings onboard hundreds of members from around the world. If you are barely starting out in matters of travel, this is the site to set your eyes on. It is simple and by far very diverse in scope and character (https://www.dinreisepartner.no/teambuilding).


You now know where to run to if you want a reliable travel companion online, don’t you? As you may have noted from the descriptions above, each site is specialized in its own way. Thus, we caution against picking any site at random as you may never really get the desired end results.