Travelling As an Introvert: 3 Ways You Might Be Making It Harder Than It Has to Be

Being introverted doesn’t have to stop you from travelling. When I say “introvert,” I don’t mean someone who’s shy or someone who hates talking to people. I mean someone who simply recharges their batteries by being alone, spending time with themselves, and/or quietly reflecting on life.

Here are some of the most common mistakes introverts make when they’re on the road, and some easy ways to avoid them.

  1. Setting unrealistic expectations for yourself

One of the worst things about travelling as an introvert is that you’re surrounded by people all the time. If you’re not careful, your expectations can end up being, “I hope I don’t have to talk to anyone today” or something along those lines.

It’s important for introverts to try and stay open-minded and not to see new people or cultures as “exhaustion obstacles” that they have to overcome.

  1. Letting your desire for “alone time” turn into isolation

It’s totally normal for introverts to want some solitude every now and again. If you’re planning a trip during your vacation time at work, don’t let yourself get talked into taking a long weekend if you know it will be a lot of time spent socializing.

Also, remember that there’s a difference between solitude and isolation. If being around people drains your energy, that’s one thing, but don’t pull away from everyone just because they’re too much fun or have too many interesting things to say.

  1. Making your introversion the centre of attention

People love to think of themselves as unique, so when an introvert tells someone they’re an introvert, it’s almost like flashing a huge neon sign that says, “I’m special! Pay attention to me!” The problem is that if you talk about being an introvert too much, you run the risk of driving away people who would otherwise be interested in getting to know you. My advice? Don’t make introversion your defining trait.